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There is no one-size-fits-all technology solution. Regardless of your IT needs, we will partner with you to find the best options for your business.

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We Deliver Practical and Affordable IT Consulting to Small Businesses

Partnering with our clients to identify the solutions best suited to their needs and their budgets.

We take a holistic approach to serving our clients.

We believe in treating people the way we expect to be treated – with honesty and respect. Honest dialogue fosters productivity. Performing work we are proud of and stand behind provides the foundation for netStructure’s business and, as a result, enhances our clients’ businesses.

Our goal is to become an extension of your business. We become your internal IT department so you can focus on what you do best without having to worry about technology. We aim to be your single point of contact for all IT needs, which enables us to seamlessly integrate with your organization.

Our team becomes an extension of your organization by contributing experienced resources, proven processes, best practices, industry leading technology solutions, and exemplary service to your business. We provide the ideal blend of a boutique firm that has the ability to respond quickly, combined with the capacity and adaptability to meet increasing demands as your business grows. These qualities uniquely position us to become the Trusted IT Partner that your business needs.

netStructure provides integrated, value-added products and services to help clients be market leaders. We deliver technology-based solutions and focus on protecting the long-term technology investments of clients by ensuring quality, reliability, and value. netStructure protects its clients’ investments by understanding, anticipating, and preparing for future industry needs and strategies and offering best-of-breed solutions.

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Our Services

IT Consulting Services and Solutions

Transparency right from the start

IT Consulting Services

$13500starting hourly rate

Managed Services

$2500starting monthly rate per device

Cloud Solutions

$1500starting monthly rate per user


How do I implement remote backup for all users at my company?

Remote backup – also called online or cloud backup – is an increasingly popular way for businesses of all sizes to protect their data. Pricing is attractive because cloud backup is charged as a pay-per-use service, typically on a monthly or annual basis. This saves the upfront costs of backup […]

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netStructure’s Datacenter Partnership

We are often asked,”why netStructure”.  Here is one big reason –

Intermedia’s Enterprise-Grade Cloud

In 2009, Intermedia became the world’s first provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010. While preparing for that launch, our team decided to use this milestone to re-architect our cloud from the ground up. Our […]

By |August 10th, 2018|Categories: Backup, Cloud, Compliance, Cost, HIPAA, Infrastructure, Managed Services, Management, Office 365, Security, VOIP|

When everything goes wrong during a ransomware attack

There were many stories in the news about ransomware last week, which isn’t unusual.  But, one ransomware story, in particular, caught my eye. It involves a law firm in Providence, Rhode Island and really highlights the damage that ransomware can cause and the benefits of preparing for business continuity in […]

By |August 10th, 2018|Categories: Security|
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There are two ways to do something: The right way, and again

~ netStructure’s Ethos ~

What our clients are saying

“Come to netStructure first. Bryan took the time to explain the pros and cons for my particular business. Heavily Tech driven with a Greater San Diego presence. Bryan’s knowledge saved me from calling around anywhere else. They provided excellent knowledge to help me and my business take the next step with our tech infrastructure.”

Travis, CEO
Outdoor Insure

“This is the tech company I like to do business with. Easy to talk to and they listen to my problems. Not only that, but they always solve them. Outstanding service!”

Mike, President
Vista Realty Group

“In the past, I’ve been ‘held hostage’ by techie people who talk over my head. I clicked with netStructure from the start because they are so down to earth and more than willing to do a great job for their clients. netStructure is a professional company with a real commitment to providing excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service. I haven’t found this from many other providers.”

Doug, CEO
Atlas Travel

“netStructure simplified and made understandable our computer, network, storage, and security IT needs. This is the first company that’s been straightforward and didn’t try to confuse us with IT double talk.”

Dr. Thomas, CEO
Eastern Regional Pain Management

“Since netStructure was here things are now a lot smoother. They are fantastic to work with and they clearly explain what they are doing and why. netStructure is willing to work with you no matter how large or small a job may be. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs technology help”.

Brian, CEO
Crown Trophy

“Bryan and the team really dug in and figured out my network and which services I needed. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go, but he guided me and made sure the solution was secure and scale-able. When I had questions, he was quick to answer and come up with a solution. Highly recommended!”

David, VP of Sales
Company Confidential

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