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Pre-packaged IT solutions often mean that a business pays for technology services it doesn’t need and will never use. Learn how we create your custom technology solution.

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Quality Service

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we understand IT needs ranging from simple upgrades to complex network reconfigurations and we want our clients to understand them, too.

Who We Are

Providing Practical IT Solutions To Businesses Throughout The Greater Philadelphia Area

IT Consulting

We will build a solution that is catered to your need from beginning to end. No overselling. No tech jargon. Exactly what you need, as you need it.

Managed Services

Focus on growing your business and let us focus on your technology. Our managed services allow us to manage your security and IT needs while you're running your business.

Cloud Solutions

Access the software that you need to run your business, anywhere. Our Cloud Solutions will allow you to access your information and data wherever you are.

What We Do

netStructure makes technology accessible and meaningful for our clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all technology solution. Many businesses benefit from a combination of IT Consulting, Managed Services, and Cloud Solutions. Regardless of your technology needs or goals, with more than 20 years of industry experience the team at netStructure solutions will partner with you to find the best options for your business.


Straightforward communication so you can make an informed decision


Solutions designed to suit your needs


Making sure our clients get the most out of technology


Strategically planned and expertly executed

Who we are

At netStructure, we believe in treating people the way we want to be treated. Honest dialogue fosters productivity. We ask our clients to be upfront with us about their IT struggles and their goals, and in return we do a thorough IT assessment and explain our recommended solutions. We take time to make sure our clients understand what IT solutions are available and how those solutions will enhance their businesses. Performing work we are proud of and stand behind provides the foundation for netStructure’s business and, as a result, enhances our clients’ businesses.

  1. 1 Before we provide a solution, we take the time to understand the need or the problem. We approach things from both the business and the technology perspectives. To provide true value we need to understand how each client uses technology currently and how they would like to use it in the future. This requires understanding the client’s business as well as the network, how it’s set up, and how it’s used.
  2. 2 Our analytical approach means looking at the problem or need from several angles and talking to our clients about possible solutions. We discuss with our clients the pros and cons of each approach and implement the solutions they feel most comfortable with. In the end, it’s about creating a technology strategy that solves the problem and makes sense for each client.
  3. 3 After listening to our clients, we discuss possible options with them. We recommend best practices and explain the different solutions in a way that clients can understand. Ultimately, it’s up to the client to decide which solutions they feel make the most sense for their business.