What are the costs associated with the additional square footage necessary to maintain an on-site data center?

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The short answer is it will cost around $1,200 per square foot to build out additional data center or data closet – though the cost will vary based on equipment and security features implemented. The final figure will depend on the specified fault tolerance and power and cooling capacity of the data [...]

We have offices all over the globe. Is there a way for us to consolidate our IT services under one provider?

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Having satellite offices is never easy for IT staff. Having international offices often represents a significant challenge for even the best trained staff. Not only do they need to balance the needs of local workers with corporate goals, they also work across multiple time zones in order to manage local [...]

Are maintenance costs for on-premises servers really high enough to make it worth transitioning to hosted services?

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Businesses of all sizes are taking a strategic look at whether to run IT infrastructure on-premises or shift to a hosted model. The answer will depend on your situation and requirements. Some will keep key applications in-house and move the rest to the cloud.  Others will decide IT is [...]