How can you reduce license fees without losing access to tools and services?

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There are a number of tips, tricks and strategies you can use to lower license fees across the lifetime of a piece of software—without harming support. From the procurement process to licensing to utilization, substantial cost reductions can be found, leaving more for other value-added activities. In general, access to [...]

How do I implement remote backup for all users at my company?

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Remote backup – also called online or cloud backup – is an increasingly popular way for businesses of all sizes to protect their data. Pricing is attractive because cloud backup is charged as a pay-per-use service, typically on a monthly or annual basis. This saves the upfront costs of backup [...]

We have offices all over the globe. Is there a way for us to consolidate our IT services under one provider?

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Having satellite offices is never easy for IT staff. Having international offices often represents a significant challenge for even the best trained staff. Not only do they need to balance the needs of local workers with corporate goals, they also work across multiple time zones in order to manage local [...]

Are there independent programs that can enable call recording for eDiscovery, auditing and quality control?

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The quick answer to this question is “Yes, there are,” which is remarkable considering all the ways there are to make phone calls these days. Software is readily available for recording calls made over PBX and VoIP systems and can be used with smart phones, tablets, over Skype® and as [...]

We have expanded to a satellite office; how do we incorporate them into our existing IT infrastructure?

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Having satellite offices can be a challenge for even well-staffed IT Departments. They must balance the needs of local workers with larger corporate goals around IT spending. And if your company has offices in multiple time zones, supporting your workers takes on an additional dimension of complexity as your IT [...]

How do I ensure that my business continuity plan is efficient enough to be a worthwhile investment?

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of small businesses go out of business when faced with an unplanned disruption. All it takes is a few inches of flood water, a car to crash into a power pole, a gas leak in your building or a neighboring site, [...]

Are maintenance costs for on-premises servers really high enough to make it worth transitioning to hosted services?

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Businesses of all sizes are taking a strategic look at whether to run IT infrastructure on-premises or shift to a hosted model. The answer will depend on your situation and requirements. Some will keep key applications in-house and move the rest to the cloud.  Others will decide IT is [...]

How do I make sure my email and file system are compliant with HIPAA?

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Passed by Congress in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates protecting the privacy and security of patients’ confidential health information, including when and with whom that information can be shared. A supplemental HIPAA Privacy Rule regulates the use and disclosure of patient data—whether verbal, written, [...]

How do I know my network is set up for high-quality VoIP?

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When implementing your VoIP system, you will need to ensure your network is capable of delivering a high-quality call experience for your business. The issue is how to guarantee that the packet traffic for your voice connection on your network will not be delayed or dropped due to interference [...]

Can a cloud solution prevent phishing?

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Everyone gets a suspicious email from time to time. Maybe it asks for personal or account information. Maybe it directs you to a legitimate-seeming website, and there you’re asked to fill in details about yourself. Perhaps, it’s a generic request or it may seem to come from someone specific, [...]