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When it comes to the cloud, there are tremendous benefits for choosing a provider that offers multiple services. Here are five reasons why you should look for a one-stop shop.

There’s a reason you usually shop at a supermarket: it’s a lot more efficient to get everything you need in one trip than to visit the butcher, and then the bakery, and then the dairy, and so on.

The same goes for cloud IT services. Which is probably why most SMBs want to get as many services as possible from a single provider. Here are five examples of the benefits and efficiencies you unlock with a one-stop shop in the cloud.

IT administration is much simpler

When you purchase multiple cloud services from a single vendor, you can share settings for users and devices across multiple services. This makes your IT staff far more productive, because they don’t have to log into a dozen different control panels every time a new employee comes on board, or every time someone gets a new device.

Your employees can collaborate more effectively

Many of your fundamental IT services—such as email, phones, and instant messaging—offer special features that are only unlocked when they’re integrated with each other. If you have different providers, then integration is extremely difficult. When you get services from the same provider, they’re often integrated with little-to-no effort on your part.

Take Microsoft Lync®, for example. Lync is designed to act as the bridge between your email system and your phone system. By syncing email calendars with phone activity, it makes it simple for employees to determine the right channel for every communication. However, when you have different providers in the mix, integration can be difficult—and if you need support, the providers often point fingers at each other. It’s far easier when there’s one company providing the service AND maintaining the integration.

Migration and on-boarding are easier 

When you purchase all your services from one vendor, your IT staff can conduct on-boarding and migration with a single point of contact. This greatly reduces your risk for downtime and the loss of any data as you move on to the service. And you’ll only need to go through migration and on-boarding.

You don’t get the support run-around

Cloud services are complicated. If your email comes from one provider and your email archiving service from another, then who do you call when something goes wrong? Each company will reflexively blame the other, and you’ll have to coordinate between two different companies in order to get your problem resolved. But when there’s just one provider in the picture, it’s far easier to resolve your issues.

Lower overall costs 

  • Bundling services ultimately saves you money. There are many reasons for this, including:
  • Your provider will offer discounts for bundling
  • You have more freedom to customize your service plan to fit your users and your business
  • Your finance team will spend less time on billing and reconciling
  • You’ll reduce the likelihood of paying for licenses you no longer need
  • You’ll make budgeting simpler and more predictable
  • Your employees will be more efficient and spend less time hunting for logins and passwords
  • You’ll find it much easier to integrate new services as your business grows and technology changes

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