netStructure’s Datacenter Partnership

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We are often asked,"why netStructure".  Here is one big reason - Intermedia’s Enterprise-Grade Cloud In 2009, Intermedia became the world’s first provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010. While preparing for that launch, our team decided to use this milestone to re-architect our cloud from the ground up. Our engineers and architects [...]

When everything goes wrong during a ransomware attack

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There were many stories in the news about ransomware last week, which isn’t unusual.  But, one ransomware story, in particular, caught my eye. It involves a law firm in Providence, Rhode Island and really highlights the damage that ransomware can cause and the benefits of preparing for business continuity in [...]

An SMB Survival Guide: Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected

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Hardware and natural disasters are hardly the only causes of network outages today. Human error, mass file deletion, and ransomware (an increasingly common cyber attack that holds data hostage until a ransom is paid), all can cause major downtime and potentially lead to lost revenue and business opportunities. Worse [...]

Are you still using Outlook 2007? Why?

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Upgrade today and stop putting your business at risk. Nearly one in six Microsoft® Outlook® users access their email using Outlook 2007 or older versions. Why is 2007 significant? Because the typical lifecycle for Microsoft product support is 10 years, meaning Outlook 2007 are on their own. This means no [...]