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A security breach can kill your private practice

Healthcare providers, maybe more than any other industry, find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to technology. In one respect, there is increasing pressure to utilize new technology so that patient records are accessible to treating providers. On the other side, however, is the core principle of respecting patients’ privacy and protecting their most delicate information.

Most healthcare providers think about privacy in the context of physical patient files, but are not aware of or not thinking of privacy issues with regard to everyday technology such as electronic calendars, e-mails, and online patient information.

Healthcare providers have unique IT needs. In addition to wanting and needing technology to improve efficiency, healthcare providers need to comply with regulations like HIPAA privacy laws.

Every facet of a healthcare provider’s network should be secure, from the online scheduler to patient files. IT solutions offered to other types of businesses may not be sufficient to comply with privacy regulations.


We build solutions designed to help private practices like yours protect themselves, their employees and their patients so that you can focus on keeping people healthy.

14 Security

Cloud data storage, security updates and disaster recovery

14 Efficiency

Update your records in real-time

14 Cost-Savings

No hardware to own, maintain, or update

14 Accessibility

24-hour remote access to data

14 Compliance

Our datacenters are HIPAA compliant

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