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Delivering IT Solutions that Help Businesses Grow

At netStructure, we believe in providing meaningful technology solutions. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we understand IT needs ranging from simple upgrades to complex network reconfigurations and we want our clients to understand them, too. That’s why we take the time to explain to our clients what solutions we recommend and why.

In an industry that often tries to oversell services or make promises that can’t be met, netStructure’s approach is the opposite: we are straightforward with the issues we see and the solutions we recommend. Our ultimate goal is to address our clients’ needs and add value to their businesses.

netStructure is invested in providing meaningful solutions for our clients so that they can use IT to their benefit. We learn about our clients’ businesses, we listen to their concerns, and we talk with them about how netStructure can help. Treating clients as partners, rather than customers, may sound like a gimmick, but in reality it defines our business relationships. While a customer is someone you may have occasional encounters with, a partner is someone you work alongside and make decisions with.

About Our Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

We worry about everyday technology needs such as security updates and data recovery.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions offer businesses the flexibility they need to remain competitive and save on daily business expenses.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

For clients who do not have an in-house IT department, netStructure takes on the role of your IT professionals.

Do I really NEED an IT Service?

We have found that businesses who turn down managed service normally do so because they don’t understand their options or appreciate the benefits. It’s difficult to appreciate the intangible. Clients are accustomed to purchasing things they can see and feel on a daily basis, like paper products, computers, and printers. But without technology, those tangible products are not as useful. With Managed Services, our clients get the most out of technology and rest a little easier knowing that netStructure is watching over their network and working to keep their information secure.

I have a hard time understanding technology. Can you help me?

To make sure that netStructure is meeting its goal and our clients’ needs, we cut out the tech-talk and explain our services with straightforward, honest recommendations. We want our clients to understand what they are getting and how it will impact their businesses. We don’t just tell you what you should do; we want you to understand the why behind it.

Why do we love to work with the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare sector are underserved from an IT perspective. netStructure understands the unique IT needs of the healthcare environment, as practices look to implement innovative technology while protecting sensitive patient information.

Our last IT company... well let's just say we had some problems...

When netStructure started, our goal was to make IT meaningful for our clients. We saw that the technology industry focused on computers and devices, but often neglected the people who would be using them. We wanted to take our IT knowledge and present it to clients in a way that was accessible and meaningful. That goal remains true today, and serves as the backdrop for everything that we do. No two businesses or IT environments are the same, so we take the time to identify what services offer the most value for each client. We understand the ways that technology can enhance businesses, which is why we strive to provide value-added IT solutions that improve the lives and businesses of our clients.

We stand behind our work and are excited to hear success stories, like when a solution we offered improved an employee’s work day or made a process more efficient. At the end of the day, we want to be able to say we did the best work we could for our clients because we know our clients want to say the same for theirs.

Why can't I just manage my IT myself.

You can! At least at the start. But we find that many clients are misled by do-it-yourself technology solutions. Suggestions found online or purchased in a store may seem inexpensive or easy, but they typically do not address the root cause of the problem. Occasionally these solutions buy a business a little time, but failure to address the source of the problem means that the problem comes back, and sometimes worse than before. While they save a little money initially with the DIY solution, letting the problem linger costs these businesses time and money in the end. Rather than using energy and resources on something that ultimately doesn’t work, businesses should reach out to netStructure to let our team diagnose the problem and offer meaningful solutions.