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About Our Managed Services

Our clients’ networks – and the applications and data contained on them – serve as the backbone for their businesses. These networks are what our clients rely on every day to keep their businesses going. If you’ve ever been at work when the internet goes down or an indispensable application like Microsoft Office or the electronic health records (EHR) program crashes, you’ve seen how those issues can bring the work day to a screeching halt. These outages cost businesses time, productivity, and revenue. With netStructure’s Managed Services, our clients receive network monitoring and prompt customer service. We look for possible issues and try to fend off outages before they happen. If an issue comes up, netStructure responds promptly to help solve the problem.

Through netStructure’s Managed Service offerings, we worry about everyday technology needs such as security updates and data recovery. Our Managed Service clients receive remote systems monitoring and seamless anti-virus and anti-malware updates. netStructure receives an alert if there is an issue with the network and responds promptly to minimize or eliminate a possible disruption.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to the internet, we are all neighbors. Anyone a company connects with in the real world or the virtual one can impact their network, virtually and otherwise. At netStructure, we believe it’s important to be good neighbors. We talk to our clients about their options without using tech-jargon. We develop solutions custom suited to each client’s needs and business. And we don’t push our clients to sign up for services they don’t need or don’t understand.

netStructure’s professionals bring more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. Our clients know that they can speak to us about their technology issues and get thorough, reliable advice and services.

netStructure’s goal is to be an added benefit to our clients’ businesses. To do that, we provide honest and straightforward advice, perform quality work, and stand behind our services.

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